Reliability of VersaDrop modules?

Hey folks,

Our team is considering trying an “Octocanum” style drive - one in which skid and mecanum wheels can be interchanged for two different driving modes during the match. We would use the module provided by vex ( For our team, it seems like a solid alternative to swerve that offers much of the same maneuverability without the programming complexity. To any teams that have played around with this or used it during a previous season, how reliable did you find it to be, and what must a team consider before implementing this?


I can’t answer your reliability question as I have never used an octocanum chassis, but my team plans to use one for this season and the second team at my school used versadrop modules for butterfly drive in preseason so hopefully I can help a little.

Firstly, it is a beast to assemble. On our sister team’s advice, we have booked a solid week for assembly by a group of two or three, roughly 48 man hours of work.
If your team is used to using transmission, you can do that as well (even though I don’t believe it is explicitly supported) by using vex transmissions (I think. I know that my sister team used a transmission, but not sure from which supplier).
I’m sure you already know this, but vex includes an astonishing CAD of the chassis. You really have no excuse if you assemble it wrong as the CAD includes each individual rivet.

Also, my entire team has resolved to call it “octanum” after struggling with “octocanum” for too long :grinning:

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