"reloading" the Outpost

As we know, it’ll be a good idea to get loose moon rocks into the corner Air Locks for human players to shoot back onto the field. For my post here, I’ll call that “reloading” the corner Fueling Stations. They’ll start with 13-20 Moon Rocks, and will be able to get more as they are herded back in for re-shooting.

From what I gather in the video and rules, the Outpost will also start with 13-20 Moon Rocks. However, once they shoot all those, they will be OUT of ammunition. Is my understanding correct that is no way to “reload” the Outpost stations on the long sides?

i agree, there does not appear to be a way to reload the outpost player.

however, they are still active in the game, since they control the empty cells.

The only way I can think of this happening is

<G25> GAME PIECE Out of Bounds - GAME PIECES that leave the CRATER or FUELING STATIONS will be placed back in play at the earliest safe opportunity. The GAME PIECE will be placed back in the CRATER or FUELING STATION at the approximate location where it exited.

It doesn’t say that the ball would be given back to the Outpost though, even if the ball goes out immediately over the PS’s head. Someone needs to go to Q&A.

I think it will be reloaded by the CREW. In previous years the CREW were responsible for reloading game pieces that either broke or got placed in other parts of the field. I’m pretty sure that they won’t run out.

I believe the playing pieces will be returned to the field by dropping or throwing them back to the playing field to allow the robots to use or return them to the fueling stations.

i have to agree here there really needs to be a way to reload the outposts. i mean if the PS is a quick shot, he/she could expend all of his/her ammo in the autonomous round. then they get the “joy” of sitting there for the rest of the match and hope that one of his/her alliance comes over to aquire a empty cell.

The field crew won’t be handing any rocks to the outpost players. As G25 says, any rocks that exit the CRATER or FUELING STATION will be returned to the CRATER or FUELING STATION near where they exited. The OUTPOST is neither the CRATER nor the FUELING STATION, so the rocks won’t be returned there.

On the other hand, it means your PAYLOAD SPECIALIST can fumble a few rocks, and they’ll be returned to him, as opposed to being returned to the CRATER.

So everyone seems to be in agreement that there’s no way to “reload” the Outpost for further attempted shots? That’s the way I see it as well.

Perhaps, the main intention of the Outpost is to hand out the Empty Cells. Thus, the fact that they can throw a limited quantity of Moon Rocks is an added bonus for that position?

It seems clear to me that once the PS consumes his/her supply of moon rocks, he will get no more. Afterward, his only job will to dispense empty cells. This should give him plenty of time to carefully feed the empty cells to the waiting bots w/o fumbling.

Can the PS feed Empty Cells through the port without giving them directly to the robot? i.e. Can the cells fall into the crater so the robots can herd them to the Fueling Station?

That is something we’ll need to find clarification on… I don’t recall reading anywhere that the PS has to hand the Cells to the robot. I don’t see why they could not just ‘drop’ them in front of an oncoming robot, although that could prove risky if it’s collected by the opposition.

An idea that was thrown around (pardon my slight pun) was for the Payload Specialist in the Outpost to be fed balls by the Payload Specialist in the Base.

I highly doubt that would be allowed, since technically you are tossing the ball out of bounds (re: Outside the Crater), & that is a pretty far toss between players, but it was a thought.

Also, if a robot can potentially dump balls out of a robot into a Trailer, why not feed the Payload Specialist in the Outpost as well with balls from a robot?
Just some random thoughts that probably will get shot down by the GDC, but meh. lol

[LEFT][size=2]PAYLOAD SPECIALIST: A pre-college student team member permitted to pass GAME PIECES into, and receive GAME PIECES from, the CRATER. There is one PAYLOAD SPECIALIST per TEAM. [/size][/LEFT]

[LEFT]Does “receive game pieces from Crater” = receieve directly from the surface of the Crater through (only Airlocks), or could it also mean receive from a robot in the area of the Crater (re: Over the Outpost wall, or even through the hole in the Outpost)??[/LEFT]

Last year the student who did the IR was always on the other side of the field, and wound up acting as a ‘traffic director’ for our alliances’ drivers during teleop.

If the person in the outpost is bored, perhaps he/she could keep track of who has what empty cells where. Just imagine what that does to the endgame if your drivers had that info…

If you throw a empty cell into somebody’s trailer, it is 2 points. Therefore, you must be allowed to throw the empty cell into play as if it was a moon rock. Whether you choose to throw it into an opponents trailer or onto the floor in front of your bot, the choose really is yours.

Disclaimer: I don’t make the rules. This is just my interpretation. I might be wrong.

Its a great question.
If the PS is allowed to throw empty cells in rather than through the hole, teams that have herders could essentially focus on sending them back to fueling stations in preparation for the supercell throw during the last 20 seconds of the match.
I would thing there will be more teams that can herd rather than have a device that grabs them from the Outpost dispense area.

<G21> penalizes the PS for throwing an Empty Cell over the Outpost shield.

<G21> says, “Introducing EMPTY CELLS - Empty Cells enter the Crater when the Payload Specialist passes the Empty Cell through the payload port in the Outpost Shield, or over the Alliance Station Wall from the Fueling Station. Empty Cells shall not enter the Crater through any other means (e.g. an Empty Cell can not be thrown over the Outpost shield and into the Crater)…”

So we’ve established that the PS in the Outpost can only introduce Empty Cells through the port, but nowhere does it say that the robot has to be on the other side of the port receiving the Empty Cell. I’m assuming this is allowed, then, unless anyone can find a restriction somewhere else in the game rules…

Nowhere does it say that the Payload Specialist in the Fueling Station isn’t allowed to throw Empty Cells over the Alliance Wall. If, as an example, an alliance has a Super Cell taken away, the Empty Cell could still be scored by a Payload Specialist if the Outpost PS gives the EC to the robot, the robot takes it to the PS in the FS, and the FSPS throws it over the AW to the trailer of an OR, IMHO and IIRC.

I am fairly certain that the outpost will not receive more balls at any point within the round. Balls will be returned to the fuel station only.

There is a penalty if the empty cell is thrown over the wall, so the only way for an empty cell to be scored is if a robot picks it up from the ground and then scores it into a trailer.