remember me check box

Is it possible to change the default setting of the remember me check box? I browse CD from many different computers that I don’t want it to remember me, so each time I log in, I must uncheck it.

It seems like it would be less work for someone to check it once when they want to be remembered (since they wouldn’t ever have to do it again) then to make the people who don’t want to be remembered have to uncheck it every single time.

Makes sense to me.

Ditto. I’ll edit the code.

[edit] done [/edit]


Any chance you could do it on the screen that you get when you try to reply without being logged in as well?

Yep. Done.

I agree!! I was waiting to see if someone would bring this up. It also stinks when you forget to uncheck it! :rolleyes:

much better Brandon!

So, we got new computers at work and I was logged out of all of my forums, and now even if I check the remember me box, it doesn’t remember me. I know it’s not caused by my computer not accepting cookies because I’ve had no problem with the other sites I belong to.

It’s not the end of the world if I have to sign in all of the time, but I thought you would want to know.


What browser are you using?

Also – Did you try clearing your cookies & cache? Maybe theres a stale cookie in there confusing the site somehow…

Internet Exploder, an older version at work (old enough not to have a “delete cookies” button in the properties section) and version 6, I believe, at home. So logging out at work yesterday logged me out at home as well and it won’t “remember” me there either.

I cannot find my cookie folder on my work computer, even after searching for hidden files, so my own personal computer guru (tired of me calling him at work) said we’ll work on this later at home.


Okay, all fixed… stale cookie on both computers… still think it’s odd that it happened to both at the same time… will now stop muttering about the evilness of computers…


Glad to hear it’s working. Cookies can be more hassle than they’re worth, sometimes.

The remember me check box is still checked when I click post reply from a thread.

Ahh yes. Missed that one. Should be fixed now.