Remember that thread? [08-04-03]

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now. Never had the time to sit down and get it started. This is something I would like to call “Remember that thread?”.

Here is how it works. Every week, I will go around looking for an interesting thread in the old forum archives. They will either be a really good discussions, or something everyone remember from the old days of Chief Delphi Forum.

I hope to get more posters reading what’s been said in the past, and how they were said. Maybe it will bring some insights into discussions that are still happening even to this day… Maybe it will shows you how to write a good post… Maybe it will get you thinking how FIRST was like in the past… Or maybe it will be a good 10 mins you spend every week just reading something interesting…

Whatever the benefit might be, I cannot think of any reason not to do this. So, let’s see how it goes, and I will fine tune this as we go on.

Without any delay, here is the first “Remember that thread?”:

Misdirected E-mail Unveils 2001 Game 3 Days Early… by Joe Johnson

Just a little background on the thread. It was started a few days before kickoff 2001. I remember the night before I fly to Manchester, I saw this thread on the Chief Delphi General Forum. Having no idea how credible Dr. Joe was, I had no choice but to believe the thread, and started panicking.

The content of the e-mail sounded very real and believable. Little details here and there makes you think “wow, maybe this isn’t fake…”. Obviously some people knew better than that. But I was just a teenager just out of high school going to Manchester the first time.

I eventually saw Dr. Joe at the hotel lobby explaining to people what happened after he started the thread, and had fun listening to it. I was standing next to the group of engineers listening, and Dr. Joe started introducing people to each other. Suddenly everyone stared at me when they had no clue who I was, and I had no clue what to say, so I felt very embarrassed and moved away. Ah… the first time a rookie FIRST-a-holic meet the giants in the community… :o

It was also the first time I met Andy Baker, when Jason Morrella first introduced me as “here is the kid that post on chief delphi”. Andy obviously knew who I was, and said hi to me couple of times at Dean’s house… But I had no idea who he was, because he had a bread in his whoami picture. Needless to say, years later when I finally knew who he was, I thought to myself, “Woah! So that’s who he was. <started sweating>”

But that’s going off topic from the thread. Hehe, sorry. It just reminded me of the old times, that’s all. Have fun reading the thread.

The missing part is Dr. Joe explaining to people what happened afterward… And the look on his face when he saw the big balls in the 01’ game. But you will have to ask people to get those details ;).

This is a cool idea. I don’t know as much about the history of FIRST as I should (I joined the program last year). This is going to be a great way for people like me to learn more about some of the bright spots (and possibly some not-so-bright spots) of FIRST’s past. This thread in particular is interesting. People just don’t remember that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet…

Man, that post brings back alot of memories. That was probably the best and most contraversial prank ever pulled in CD Forum history! Though there are some drawbacks to pulling a prank like that (i.e. Making FIRST angry when they get 16874616544185 calls complaining), it can be a great way to get people thinking and discussing…which is what makes FIRST so much fun for everyone!

-Andy Grady

I rember that post!! I read it and was like…umm…i dont think they would mess that up, let alone someone like joe wouldnt post it, it definelty confused us.

Good times, i love the idea ken.

the game that is described in that post is a really good game idea.

I think i would have preferred tha game over the real 2001 game.

I am glad people like it. Frankly, it’s funy for me too, to think about good times, and what it was like back when I first started doing FIRST stuff.

But I will need help from some of you old time CD posters. If you can think of any threads that stick out in your mind, PM them to me, so we don’t spoil the fun.

Let’s make this an enjoyable experience for both newer and older members to the forum.