Remember that thread? [11-18-04]: MAJOR TWEAKING

Hi Everyone :-).

The other day I was thinking about pre-releasing selected rules before kickoff, and how FIRST could’ve released a lot of their document without revealing the secret of the game. You know, things like communication, team organization, and a some of the robot safety rules. A set of generic rules would go a long way, so teams won’t be upset about changes to the spare part rules or other limitation such as the $$$ for electronics.

This week’s “Remember that thread?” spotlight a discussion back at 99’ regarding spare parts/robot modification after the build period is over. Very interesting discussion about fairness of playing field and level of competition. What amazes me, however, is the fact that this topic comes up almost every year. Seems like teams always need to ask for clarification to the following questions: “Do we have to ship spare parts with the robot?”, or “What’s considered a spare part?”.

Remember, folks, there’s always more headache in store for you than you expect ;-). I hope this will give you something to think about as we prepare for the coming season. :wink:

Without further delay, in this week’s “Remember that thread?” I present:

MAJOR TWEAKING - Posted by Bill Beatty, Other on team 71, Team Hammond, from Team Hammond.