Remember that thread? [12-09-04]

Hi Everyone :-).

There are lots of discussions about pre-releasing rules, pre-cutting metals, and pre-designing custom gearboxes this week. I especially enjoyed reading those [moderated] and YMTC threads. Lots of good points, very interesting discussions.

When I was reading those discussions, I noticed an underlying theme that people may or may not have touched upon in their message, and that is, Is 6 weeks really enough? It’s no secret FIRST is becoming a year round program. Teams attend off-seasons to show new members the competition, and attend workshops to start learning before 6 weeks.

All the discussions about pre-releasing rules is really saying, maybe 6 weeks isn’t enough, there is no reason teams have to find out about basic rules until kickoff. What if we get started on some part of the competition, it wouldn’t be so bad right? How about just the safety rules, or cutting some scrap materials?

Well, you are definitely not alone if you find yourself considering those issues.

This week’s “Remember that thread?” spotlight a discussion from the end of 99’ season about pre-releasing the rules, the playing field specs, or even the kit of parts. In other words, do we have to wait till 6 weeks to get started on some of these things?

Well, that’s what they talked about in this thread, also something for you to decide on your own. Without Further delay, in this week’s “Remember that thread?” I present:

An idea for the 2000 games…(is six weeks enough?) - Posted by colleen, Other on team #?, Actually, I’m a FIRST-aholic, from an undecided team for the year 2000 and I’m taking invitations :-).