Remember the Alamo

Thank you for the wonderful Alamo victory, Teams 148 and 3481.

For a friendship forged on the field of battle for so many years, it was an amazing feeling to finally get to win one with 148.

Please know that you are held in our highest esteem and regard. Whether as valiant partner or terrifying opponent, you are always our treasured friend.

We will see you on the battlefield in St. Louis.


It was an honor and a pleasure to get to work with an amazing team like the Bomb Squad. Your team certainly helped to make my first event as a 148 mentor a very memorable one! Working with your scouting/strategy team was a fantastic experience - we were on the same page right from the beginning, and I was continually impressed with their knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Getting to work so closely with a team I’ve admired for so long really made the Alamo Regional something special.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Team 3481, the Brandeis BroncBotz. You guys were awesome out there, and shut down some pretty challenging opponents. We couldn’t have done it without you! It’s been really amazing to see your progress as a team throughout the whole season, from visiting with us in the build season, to playing like a wily veteran out there on the field in the eliminations. We’re very proud to have done what we can to help a team I’m sure will be another Texas powerhouse someday soon!

It was an amazing weekend, and I don’t think I could have asked for two better teams to share it with. Thanks for all that you’ve done, and we’ll see you in St. Louis!

The Bomb Squad rocks! They brought us our first taste of the Finals all those years ago, and since then we’ve been hungry. A small part of our 2011 NJ win is theirs.

I will miss them. They had a convenient end pit and by Thursday late morning, I was already texting/calling/or having pit admin track someone down for me and the general statement was: meet me/Jane at Bomb Squad. Kind of like meeting at South Congress and Live Oak. :slight_smile: Everyone knew where to meet me. Watching them work on the robot was really fun and funny after a while. They never stop, except to answer a question, provide assistance, or listen to me tease.

I will miss them. They are a joy to be around.


And I saw in the newspaper that today is the 175th anniversary of the Alamo.

Yes, you are correct. They mentioned that several times during speeches at the event, and such.

It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for the pick and all your kind words. I’m glad we finally made a run together.

To help remember the Alamo…
I posted my reflections on the weekend here:

Also “full field” videos of our elimination run are posted here:


Congratulations teams 16, 148 and 3481 on your DOMINATING performance. It was fun to watch the finals. We are looking forward to seeing 148 in Dallas.


16 + 148 = Awesome

3481: I visited their pit a couple of times during the weekend and was impressed by their hard work and continuous improvement. They worked through quite a few issues with their robot to finally make it to the elimination rounds. Good job. Must be those long drives to Greenville and back that makes them so tough :slight_smile:

The winning alliance at Alamo was awesome and great sports also - 148 helped us out a great deal - the epitome of gracious professionalism.


Local CBS affiliate TV station has a slideshow taken on Saturday at the event.

Bomb Squad, Robowranglers, and BroncBotz - Congratulations on your absolutely steller performance at Alamo. You did amazing, and your strategy was a force to behold.

Personally to the Bomb Squad, it was an honor to work with you at Greater Kansas City regional last year. Thank you for making my first competition something to remember. Going to competition and making the second seed alliance with Winnovation made the sleepless nights and 6 weeks of shop life worth even more. We’ll miss you at Greater Kansas City this year, but we’ll look forward to your presence at Midwest. Good luck and congratulations.

As the driver, Mechanical leader and FRC Rookie student of FIRST Rookie Team 3481. I want to say that this FIRST experience has been one of my best. As an exchange student from Norway spending my year in San Antonio i was blessed being placed in a three year old school with a second year FIRST team. After their FTC program last year, Bronc Botz decided to go for FRC and me with my 6 year FIRST history back in Europe was eager to try FRC.

First of all i want to say FRC is something special, the gracious professionalism you only hear about could really be felt and experienced at the Alamo Regional. With my team doing both FTC and FRC in the same competition made it hectic but with help from other teams but especially FIRST team 148. Which have helped us through the build season. Inviting us up to their shop and sharing how they work, giving us tips and showing us their facility and how they run a world class robotics team was simply amazing. Also all the help we got from them during the three day competition was awesome. Something we are forever greatful for.
I also want to thank FIRST team 16 for picking us as their second pick for their alliance. Your robot was amazing and I am glad you and FIRST Team 148 decided to pick us for the finals and working our way through the final matches.

I’d also like to thank FIRST team 1477 - Texas Torque for approaching us during the Thursday pit day and helping us build our bumpers so we would be ready for Fridays matches.

This last six weeks and the Alamo Regional is something I will keep with me for a long time and when I go back to Norway. Maybe approach my old FLL/FTC team and FIRST Scandinavia to get some FRC started up in the cold north!

Great job by 16, 148 and 3481!

We had a great time in San Antonio and will be looking forward to seeing some of you again in Houston.

I would also like to thank and recognize Teams 118, 231, 653, 1296, 2721, 2848, 2936, 3035, 3103, 3363, 3481, and of course, 16 for providing me with about the best group of student ambassadors I have ever had the pleasure of supervising.

It was no surprise that many of these teams ended up holding trophies!