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Continuing the discussion from Woodie Flowers passed away:

In the other thread, Andy posted the 2019 season videos where Woodie shares is wisdom on a number of very important topics. This got me thinking about just how many great videos there are out there featuring speeches by or interviews with Woodie. I thought it’d be nice to have a single thread dedicated to these videos, that we can share with newcomers to the program who will inevitably ask “Who was Dr. Woodie Flowers?”.

I’ll start. This video from the 80s by PBS on Woodie’s MIT Mechanical Engineering Design contests
provides so much insight into the origins of FIRST. Everything about this video is fascinating and it’s a much watch for any one interested in the history of competition robotics.


We wrote a blog post a few years back with links to a lot of great Woodie videos. I’ll add them here.

Also his induction speech in to the RECF STEM Hall Fame

Edit: I remembered another

Edit Again: Not sure how I forgot this one from FRC#1311


Here’s Woodie giving a TEDx talk on modern education:

And an interview with Woodie from 1997 discussing his famous 2.70/2.007 couse:


His segment of the 2012 kickoff was very meaningful to me.


Here’s another feature on his 2.70 class, including an overview over the year’s rules, the design process for a few of the teams, some actual matches, and some great insights from Woodie. I hadn’t seen this one until it was shared with me tonight via a tech ed teacher on Twitter.


By far the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.

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