reminder... live chat today!

Posted by Anton Abaya.

Engineer on team #419, Rambots, from BC High / UMass Boston and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 2/25/2000 3:43 PM MST

live chat today!

TOPIC? --> FIRST Robotics Competition.

WHEN? —> February 25, 2000, 9:00pm EST

WHERE? —> Rambots Webpage (link below)

WHY? —? Because we just want to have fun.

WHAT DO I BRING? —> All your friends!

~~anton abaya
rambots #419

Posted by Justin.

Other on team Blue Lightning Alum from RWU sponsored by FIRST-A-holics Anonymous.

Posted on 2/25/2000 10:50 PM MST

In Reply to: reminder… live chat today! posted by Anton Abaya on 2/25/2000 3:43 PM MST:

Kudos 2 the rambots for their chat server and giving it publicity i had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. I hope this type of thing continues.

See you all in Hartford!!!