> They’ve Set The Date. Now You Can Set Your VCR!
>>>On Saturday August 4, 2PM (EDT), the A&E television channel will air a
>>>show on the FIRST Robotics Competition. This program was developed and
>>>produced by Jupiter Entertainment (Knoxville, TN) for A&E as a part of a
>>>series called “The Competition”, which covers a wide variety of national
>>>competitive events.
>>>We began working with Jupiter in February as they researched FIRST, our
>>>Competition and several teams. Their production crew followed us from
>>>initial background work through the regional in Richmond, VA. While
>>>everyone will learn about FIRST in a general way and will certainly
>>>experience the excitement of event-in-action footage, Jupiter decided to
>>>focus on letting viewers get to know a smaller number of the
>>>participants well. The program audience will develop a sense of shared
>>>energy, tension, rewards, and persistence throughout the Competition
>>>along with members FIRST teams from Grundy High School (VA) and Herndon
>>>High School (VA).
>We want to thank and congratulate the Competition participants involved
>with bringing this production together. Imagine how challenging it is to
>maintain composure, competitive edge, focus, and a spirit of gracious
>professionalism in the face of not only the 2001 Competition, but also the
>pressure of lights, cameras and the ever-present microphones. Also, many
>thanks to the individuals and sponsors associated with the regional
>competition at VCU, at which Jupiter taped; your cooperation and
>encouragement was greatly appreciated.
>>>We have not had the opportunity to preview the program; however, we hope
>>>that the piece will do justice to the spirit and performance of Grundy,
>>>Herndon and all the other teams, and will add to the growing awareness
>>>of FIRST. Plus, we think it will be exciting television.
>>>The information we have from A&E advises that the air time on the 4th
>>>August is 2PM, Eastern and Pacific, 1PM Central, and Noon Mountain
>>>time. For the most accurate information about the date, time and
>>>channel of the A&E program, double-check your local television listings
>>>or check the A&E web site at www.A&

I have yellow sticky tabs all over my house and I have alarms set to 1:45. I don’t plan on forgetting.

grrr… i’m gonna be in an airplane at that time… i hope someone is gonna put it on teh web… :slight_smile:


I know I’ll forget…even though Kelly sent everyone on my team an email reminder and reminds me everytime I talk to her…oh well…someone is sure to record it


yeah I will also be gone when it is airing. Oh well I will just hope someone records it.

i have to work. im gonna try and record it, but my family has a way of seeing that a vcr is set to record and taking the tape out or something…so im hoping someone will put it on the web

to keep the A&E discussion in one place, im going to close this thread…

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