Remote 10pt Ball Activation

figure out the resonant frequency of the tee with the ball on it

and have your bot pulse out intense soundwaves towards the ball

kinda like hitting the high note and breaking the crystal champain glass

but instead of shattering, it will sway back and forth, more and more, until it falls.

just dont point it at me in the bleachers! :c)

or design a hypobot that will put everyone in a trance (including the refs),

then have your HP run over and smack it off

tell the driver on your opponet team you think he’s really cute, and you sure would appreciate it if their bot triggered your release during auton mode, and maybe you could get some pizza with him after the match?


sniper in the top row of the stands with a high power pea shooter?

have your bot tie a string to it, a string so fine it could not possibly cause entanglement?

build a really really REALLY fast drive train?

have someone on your team point to the top of the arena and yell “Good heavens its the HINDENBURG!” then when everyone looks up, throw a beanbag at it?

trigger an earthquake at just the right time?

replace the release ball between matches with a radio controlled release ball, that falls over on command?

have someone tunnel under the playfield and poke it from underneigh with a stick?

get everyone in china to stand on a table and jump to the ground at just the right instant?

If you choose this hitting the ball and sitting under the ball dump strategy, your robot isnt going to be able to do anything else. Do you really want to devote your entire robot to hitting a measly 10 point ball (granted, it does drop the other balls) while sitting under a ball dump, that in all likelihood, will not dump a significant number of balls into your robot/goal/whatever?

Also, via rule G19, you need to make sure that if you choose to bring a goal over (I know thats not what you stated, but if youre thinking about it, you need to be aware of this) that your robot doesnt touch the balls at all as they go into the goal. See <GM19>

Anyways, if youre so worried about getting to the 10 point ball, just construct your robot to catch the balls. In all likelihood, many robots will be able to trigger the 10 pt ball release. If this is the case, you sit there and reap the benefits (which I still say wont be much…) Even if teams you are with cant do such a thing some of the time, you will have a good chance of getting picked by a good team, if they see that you can reliably get the balls.