Remote axis inverted when connected to driver station

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out why the y axis input on the Xbox one remote has an opposite output? There is no problem regarding the code, because when we connect the remote to the driver station, we are not running the code. Another note on that is that it wasn’t inverted before. Does anyone have any ideas why i could be having this problem?

Are there times when it is not inverted?

Most gamepads I’ve seen give a negative Y value when pushing the stick forward.

the remote has remained inverted ever since.
also do you think that the negative input is intentional, when pushing the stick forward?

I’m not at all sure if this is why, but this would make sense for aircraft or other 3-d maneuvering: forward is to pitch down, backward is to pitch up.

This is the standard for all controllers’ y axi. I have yet to find a controller that isn’t like this.

This threw me off too when I first started messing with joysticks.

This also confused me at one point.

After a few years a student explained to me that this comes from how screens work. The pixel in the upper left corner is 0, 0. Toward the right is positive and down is positive. So if you think of programming a joystick to control a dot on the screen pulling the joystick backwards is positive which moves the dot down (positive) on the screen.