Remote Connection from WindRiver

When I try and establish a connection to the cRIO from WindRiver in the Remote Connections window I am getting the following error:

Error connecting to ‘VxWorks6x_10.17.10.2’ (Registry localhost). Failed to launch target server
Possibly caused by: Back-end not connected.

Removed dead entry from Registry!

I followed the instruction on the version 1 “C++ Programming Guide” to setup a remote target server with our cRIO, and followed the updated “C++ Programming Guide” that came with the new Jan 1 update to establish the debug setup and .out file.

We can ping the cRIO and can get images to show up with the camera hooked up to the cRIO through dashboard, so we know we’ve got connection there…its just (hopefully) a matter of tweaking the settings on WindRiver so we can get a connection and hopefully start plugging in some test programs.

Any help appreciated,


did you image it to use C++?
we had the same problem (and spend 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong!), reimaged the cRIO for WR/C/C++, and everything worked fine

I keep reading posts that talk about this.
I just read here that there is one image only…

What’s correct, one image or ping-pong imaging?

Do you have the NI Imaging tool? (it should be on the desktop in the default instalation)
look in the 2009 control sys pdf (follow the blue code): Installation of an Upgraded cRIO Image
To install an upgraded cRIO image, follow the
instructions below:

  1. Start the cRIO Imaging tool by clicking on “Start
    -> All Programs -> National Instruments ->
    LabVIEW 8.5 -> FRC cRIO Imaging Tool” in the
    Windows Start Menu.
    If a dialog window appears with the message
    “No CompactRIO devices were found. Verify the
    network connection,” there was a problem
    connecting to the cRIO. Check power to the
    cRIO and ensure the Ethernet cables are
  2. The cRIO Imaging tool will be launched and a
    window will be displayed titled “CompactRIO
    Imaging Tool.” The top of the window will show
    information on any cRIO devices which were
    found on the network. Select the MAC address
    of the cRIO you would like to re-image. (Note:
    The cRIO MAC address is printed on a label on
    the back of the CRIO next to the bar code.)
  3. Select the development environment you would
    like to use by clicking the radio button next to
    © FIRST 2009 FRC Control System Manual: Section 5 – System Configuration, Rev 0.5 Page 5 of 17
    either “LabVIEW” or “Wind River Workbench (C/C++)”.
  4. Downloading a complete image to the cRIO requires about 5 minutes , during which time the
    laptop and cRIO must not be interrupted by resetting the power or interfering with the network
    connection. When ready to proceed, select the “Apply” button to commence imaging of the
  5. A “Reconfiguring Device” window should
    appear showing current status of the
    imaging procedure.

try that