Remote Control Car SUCCESS!!

Yes, that’s correct, we have successfully completed our remote control Chevy!! My friend is looking for a server to post the movie on. If anyone would be willing to host a 50MB file, we have a 20 minute divx movie of the whole process, including our driving it like maniacs in the back lawn. We don’t have any pictures, but this movie is quite good, in my opinion, so the quicker we find a host, the quicker you can all see it!

Thanks to everyone who helped out and answered my frequent questions!!


ps.- it is sooooooo fun to drive.



That is sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

arefin: can we use your pt ?
jimbo: for?
arefin: that
jimbo: sweet
arefin: now…
arefin: plz can we borrow your pt?
jimbo: ahhh
jimbo: no
jimbo: lol
arefin: PLZ

here is a convo that i had with jim after seeing this thread… great job guys… i really want to see the video…

It wouldn’t be street legal under remote operation.

I’m glad it’s a success. :slight_smile: Does the video show the modifications you had to do to the Chevy to make it remote control?

very nice!! hope to see the video soon! wish i had the materials($) to do that!! how well does it handle? and what kind of controls are you using?
steering wheel? joystick? pedals?
how are you working the clutch & transmission? or is it automatic? if so, can you reverse it remotely? can you switch to and from neutral and drive?
and to add more fun… is your handbrake remotely activatable and deactivatable???
and congrats to finishing it!!

Before I get all excited-like, I have to ask… What kind of Chevy?? Not like a small pathetic little Chevette?? Please don’t tell me it’s a Chevette… :ahh:

And I see you are located in CT… Mind if we “borrow” this experimental vehicle for our town’s Memorial Day parade?? lol j/k :o

Awesome job…I’m anxious to see the video!


Yes, it’s a fullsize car; no, it’s not street legal. There is no steering wheel, and the throttle cable has been detatched and relocated, so even if it were legal, it is only drivable via remote control.

It handles decently, though driving it from a distance is certainly difficult.

We are using a FlightStick joystick. Forward = gas, left/right = steering, trigger = activate brakes, top button = deactivate brakes.

We toyed with the idea of making the hand brake remote control, but we ran out of time (today was our last day)… perhaps we will continue to work on it, however.

The car is a 1987 chevy nova, which we bought for $300. It is a real POS, but it serves our purposes. It has an automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes.

Thanks for trying, mechman!! lol

Come on people, this video is totally sweet! It is a 20 minute documentary about how we did it (including the mods we had to make) and then us driving it and showing off… good times. Just need a host!!


Now you just have to make the remote fit into the back of a cell phone. Oh, and add rockets and such.

I’m serious about that last part though, what kind of a trigger controls brakes???

only for 300 bucks … it sounds like a really nice… research project… would love to do a project like this…

which team is doing this… (by your profile i cant say which team are you from) … or is it a project that you are working on with few others?

Our school has a Senior Project program, where we get 2 weeks off from school (and we get to skip finals) to work on any project we want (the project has to be approved by a committee first, however). So, me and two friends decided to undertake this project. Therefore, I am not on any team; we borrowed the equipment from our school’s FIRST team (team 571), and one of the members recommended this board, so I came here!



I do believe you mean a full size car, because there are many small remote control cars that are gas powered. They have 1 cylinder engines and are pretty quick.

I’d be willing to host it for a bit till you find something better.

PM me and I’ll give you an account on my FTP server. You can upload it there and I’ll put it somewhere everyone can get to. Oh, yeah. Since I use the computer I’m using to host this (as in, I do other stuff on it), it might not be the fastest thing ever, but I can do it till you find something better… :slight_smile:

Go to South Florida Racing, Become a member, and host it in there “movies” thread.

What size engine? How much HP?

The 80’s version of the Chevy Nova is actually a rebadged Toyota Corolla. If I’m not mistaken Chevy didn’t offer a different engine than Toyota for this vehicle and if that’s the case than it would be a 74hp 1.6 liter four cylinder.


you still havent answered all my questions! can you back up at all? if not, if you take a too wide turn you’re stuck? like some of the gas rc cars. and your brakes aren’t proportional? only on or off?

taking a guess here but…

We cannot manipulate the shifter at this time, but we may continue to work on the car in the coming weeks. You can still manually put it in reverse so it is easy to get it out of a tight corner (of which there are none of in a 10 acre field). The brakes were intended to be proportional but we had to be finished by today and we couldn’t figure out how to use potentiometers effectively so we just did an on/off braking systsm, which works just fine.

The picture the greg posted is accurate, but ours is not even THAT nice. Ours is terrible. I found a few hosts, so I’ll be posting links soon!!


sounds well AWESOME!!!

really cool project to have been working on and it worked so that must have been well super cool-- great job!