Remote desktop

Not sure if you guys will know this, but…

I want to be able to get to my home system from out build site so we can use some software on it. Moving a desktop is not practical, so I tried to set it up for remote desk topping. The problems

I have an account on dyndns for my machine. The updater is feeding the site my machine’s local IP instead of my modem’s dynamic one.

I installed tightVNC so I could use the web server. Works just fine is I use a loopback connection, but it will accept no incoming connections on the local LAN

I set a static IP for my machine outside my router’s DHCP range. I can see other machines on the intranet, but can not hit the internet.

I have a Debian Etch system with firestarter as the firewall. My router is a linksys WRT54G2 running DD-WRT firmware. I have a motorolla modem from ATT. Thanks for the help

You may look into setting up a VPN, such as a router software like m0n0wall can do. I’m not sure if DD-WRT has a similar feature.

Most newer home routers have built in support for DynDNS. If possible you should use that. I know for sure DD-WRT supports this feature. You’ll find it under Setup>DDNS.

TightVNC probably is being blocked by a firewall. Check the local firewall on your machine.

No matter what remote software you use you’ll need to need to configure your router to forward the appropriate ports to your machine, can can find this in DD-WRT under Applications and gaming>Port forwarding.

Sanddrag mentioned using a router based VPN. DD-WRT supports this under some versions, but it is not very reliable.

The reason your machine with a static IP can’t access the internet is probably because you didn’t configure your “default gateway” and/or DNS servers.

Thanks. That solved the problem. I didn’t know DD-WRT could do that. Its nice. Also, I can’t believe I forgot to set up a gateway. Oops. Everything works fine now.