remote job?

I just finished uni and I’m c++ programmer( not working yet).
How hoar and if its possible to find out job from my house? I was thinking to start doing programming as self employed as well. Does anyone can help me with that?

Some companies offer remote positions, however often you need to be a seasoned employee before they will give you the go ahead to work from home. Every place is a little different so you might get lucky. I would look at job listings on stack overflow. I have seen (work from home x days a week) listed in the perks section from certain employers. At least around around here.(Southern Ontario) I’d imagine most job search websites have a similar ‘perks’ section for their job listings. Spend an afternoon looking around to see what exists out there.

You’re going to have a hard time running a self employed business without prior industry experience. There are websites where you can pickup small software contracts and that might be a place to start. But again, without having any actual industry experience you will have a tough time getting work.

One more piece of advice, work on your written work and review your posts before submitting them. If you intend on running your own business(self employed) your written work has got to reflect an air of professionalism. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I personally would not approach a business whose advertising is riddled with mistakes. This is coming from someones whose first language is not English. There are plenty of tools out there to help vet a large number of mistakes. Use them.
This is doubly as important for someone who intends on working in the software industry. Clear and correct documentation is an important part of any project, you’ll want to properly reflect an ability to accomplish such things in anything outward facing. Especially if you are to be working self employed.

I wish you the best of luck on building a career for yourself. It’s always exciting to see someone working towards their dream job/way of living.

I absolutely agree with Nessie above. Also, you may want to do some work with some open source software projects as an investment in your skills, your reputation, and the open source code base. It was through open source contributions that Gixxy (my eldest son) got his first paying programming contract.



I scanned over the entire thing a couple times because I knew someone was going to find a mistake I missed and call me out on it. The distinction here is that my comment is just a comment. It’s not me presenting myself as a ‘professional’ looking for work.

I am going to fix it in my original post because if I don’t I will not learn.

whose is possessive.
who’s is a concatenation.
who’s == who is, who has

who’s == who is.
I don’t think it also equals who has, for one it conflicts with “whose”. I was trying to come up with an example of a sentence using who’s as a contraction for “who has” and just cannot do it

Marge, meet our new employee Frank, who’s just graduated from Tech.

From the internet:

Who’s is a contraction of “who is” or, less commonly, “who has.”

I don’t make the rules, I just try and follow them.

This isn’t so much on topic about remote jobs, but I would also encourage you to avoid boxing yourself in as “a C++ programmer,” particularly since you just graduated.

Be open to learning new languages and technologies. You never know what you might find you like! It may also help land you a gig somewhere that you would really enjoy working that doesn’t necessarily need C++ developers. You are certainly welcome to have a favorite or preferred language, but many companies are much more enthusiastic about developers who have shown they are flexible and can pick up new things quickly.