Remote Kick-off in San Antonio in the works

Team 499, Toltechs, put a flyer in the team packets at the 2005 Lone Star regional about this idea.

As an update,
I have an agreement with the local community college to broadcast the NASA TV signal of the event. I am finalizing the KOP delivery location and third party to build the demonstration field items.

I’ll post an update within the next two weeks once those items are set.

So…, Central and South Texas teams, you have a potential new option for KOP pick-up which may be closer than Houston, Texas. To make this happen, we will need at least 8 teams to select this site as their KOP delivery location. We have three veteran teams here in San Antonio so we are looking for a few teams from the surrounding areas to consider this potential remote kick-off site. :slight_smile: For more info on the proposed viewing location click on the ATC link below.

Advanced Technology Center

Thanks Andrew. Nice.

Edit: If you need any help, give a holler.

Any word on teams in the Round Rock area coming back or new ones starting?


If no one else posts in here with an answer, I’ll find out.
We usually pick up some KOPs for folks when traveling to Houston.
This would help 418 with travel time, overnight lodging, etc…
and it may help some teams out our way, make it to SA. That would be so cool.

Andrew, I’ve got a little bit of an update, I’ll PM you.

I just posted details about this event in the Lone Star regional thread.

Andrew and Team 499:
WoW! What a great KicK-Off!

Thank you for all of the thought and planning that went into this. Two thumbs up. The hanger where we picked up our KoPs was an awesome part of the experience.

Thanks for everything,
Team 418

Thanks Jane,

I intend to get some feedback from the teams but have been extremely busy since Kick-off. (I just spent the weekend in Snowy Denver with students attending the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference) Cool thing, we ran into some students from team 922 ULTIMATE.

To keep this an open discussion,
If any of the 10 Central, South, & West Texas teams who attended have any feedback that they want to post or PM please do.

Most teams needed more than 10 seats in the theatre which only held 95 seats so I will need a larger auditorium for next year. :yikes: