Remove CameraServer Printouts?

Hi everybody. As someone who uses cameras on our robot, we utilize the CameraServer API, which for the most part, works incredibly well. However, there is one small “feature” built into the API that I would really like to remove.

Every second or so, it prints a line to the System console, reading

CS: <CAMERA NAME>: Connecting to USB camera on /dev/video0

This printout is completely useless, and spams the console like crazy. I’ve looked around for ways to stop it, without any easy answer being found. I’ve thought about taking an hour or two to download the source from Github, make the change myself, and recompile it, but I was wondering if there was an easy way that is available to everybody.

A quick and dirty way would be to just comment the line of code out and rebuild the library, like you said

However, I think this excessive spamming is a side effect of something deeper going on, and most likely exists on your usage of camera server. Could you link to your code on github?

I’ve only seen that when a camera is disconnected.

You’re right. I forgot to mention, the camera is disconnected. We accidentally left it on our competition robot, and we don’t have one to put in its place. The printout is certainly caused by a lack of a camera, and I should have mentioned that.

Thanks for the help.

Easiest way would be to comment out the calls to CameraServer for the non-existant camera.