Remove FRC Default Dashboard Window Decoration

When starting up the FRC default dashboard on our newly-reimaged classmate E09, (i.e. by logging into the Driver account), the dashboard retains window decoration. That is, the title bar, buttons, and border for the top half of our driver station are visible. This has the rather annoying-side effect of clipping the bottom of the window, because it can no longer fit in the space. Has anyone else experienced this, and/or have a fix for it?

The Dashboard should lose it’s frame when you dock the Driver Station.

You mean, change the windowing mode so that it snaps to the corner? Because the required driver station is already snapped to the corner, and the option to change the windowing mode is greyed-out.

Try using the developer account and snapping the Driver Station there.
The two windows should fill the screen as they used to in the Driver account.

You’ll need to hide the Windows taskbar to have i all fit properly.

We can certainly deal with the clipping if we had to, it’s just obnoxious. I’d like to be able to get it working as intended for the Driver account, as the software behaves differently when running under the user “Driver”, e.g. it logs out automatically when the driver station is closed.

Then you can do it yourself by creating a new Dashboard project and always forcing the removal of the window borders.
Or test for “Driver” account.

The code is all there.

This is what we had to do today. It worked after that in Driver.

We ran into the same problem after updating the Driver Station on our Classmate for 2013. We found that we just needed to locate and edit our “FRC DS Data Storage.ini” file and change the “Moveablewindow” property from TRUE to FALSE. Once we did this, the dashboard displayed without the frame when we logged in under the Driver account. The ini file was located in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\FRC on our Classmate.