Removing Bumpers for Ramp

Our ramp is slightly undersize, and our team wanted to know if teams would be willing to remove one of their bumpers so that they would be able to get on to our 12 inch tall ramp.

To me, it would depend on if the opponents were notorious for rough defense or not.

I would have no problem with bumper removal. The robot should be robust enough to compete without bumpers - the bumpers should act as a secondary safeguard.

Depends on the match. If going up such a ramp already requires me to take off my bumper, I can assume positioning myself to climb it wont be such an easy task. So, I can probably spend that time more efficiently scoring tubes.

The bumpers have to be mounted atleast 2.5" from the bottom of your robot. How much of an angle do you have on your ramp?

I can’t speak for them, but it sounds like their ramp is a little short, not a little steep.

  1. Which Bumber are you talking About (Front, sides?)
  2. We Built our foorprint to be like 24x30ish, so we may not need to remove any…

Another point to consider: In a particularly defensive match, the number of tubes scored in large rows could be lower, making the 30/60 pt. bonus more valuable. I think removing front/rear bumers to fit two robots more easily on 76" ramp/platforms will be pretty common.

We fell over from trying to make it up the ramp last year 5 times. We were rookies and got pushed around plenty without bumpers. If we were fine the entire time without bumpers, then most anyone should be fine for one match.