Removing Modules from cRIO

is this allowed?
I’ve looked for something in the rules but it doesnt seem to say much on it,
Rule <R55> seems to be the one that might get it, but im not sure if removing the module is considered “dissasembling”

(we are trying to mount our cRIO vertically using the screws at the side, but with the screws the Pneumatics module would not fit, we arent using pneumatics so we think it should be fined, but we want to be sure.)

The minimum legal number of modules is 2, an analog in slot 1 and a digital in slot 4. The additional analog, digital and 2 solenoid modules only need to be installed if you need them.

thank you very much, is there a source for this information just to be sure?

<R52-b> requires the digital module in Slot 4 and <R61> requires the analog in slot one. There are no other rules that require modules to be installed therefore they are optional.

The analog breakout jumpered on the two leftmost pins (towards the end of the board and the center pin) is required for battery voltage to be transmitted to the driver’s station AND FMS. The breakout must be installed on a NI 9201 module in slot 1.