Removing the rubber mount on the back of the life cam

Our team decided to use the Microsoft life cam as our option for vision. In the past, we used various methods to mount this camera. This year, we have decided on a 3d printed mount to keep the camera stable and to avoid using the original mounting device. We were wondering if there is a good way to remove it from the back of the camera? We have seen it done before, but couldn’t figure out a good way to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks

My team used an angle grinder to remove it last year. It’s perhaps a bit excessive, but it’s quick and gets the job done.

You can remove the two screws on the back near the mount then remove the front of the camera and ther is a pin Once you remove the pin the bracket is easily removed

If you pivot the rubber mount from side to side, there are two small Philips screws in the recess that can be removed. This will allow you to separate the front and back of the case, exposing a PCB. Unscrewing this PCB and moving it to the side (being careful to not damage any wires) will allow you to remove a clip on the pin that holds the mount to the camera.
This is a mount I designed a few years ago:

Thanks! These seem very promising. I will try it out soon!

I have designed several Lifecam HD-3000 mounts including single and dual axis adjustable mounts and mounts with space for attaching LEDs for vision tracking purposes, they are in Code Orange’s public CAD library here: A Fond Farewell to GrabCAD Workbench - GrabCAD Blog

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