[Renamed Thread] Scout Machine: Development Thread

That page should now be light mode compatible (almost all of it) :slight_smile:

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During comp season, a refresh data button will be available to refresh match data (manual option) & a page will refresh data every 2 mins (automatically).

WARNING: Site may break within the next few days since we’re working on making it super speedy.




I just have a quick question: How are the @'s determined? I noticed that it’s associated with your user in the URL, and I’m wondering if I have the option to modify it, as it wasn’t an option in the “edit profile” page.

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Usernames are just determined with taking a user’s OAuth username (ex. John Doe), and turning it into → johndoe, and if the username is already taken in the database it’ll change the name to johndoe1234 (with secure 4 digit numbers).

Good idea thought - I’ll add an option to be able to change your username soon!


I’ve gone ahead and implemented the ability to change usernames.

PS: The teams page should now be way faster :slight_smile:


Super excited to say that there should be a huge increase in site speed (/teams, /teams/{team}, /events/{event}). We’re redoing how we get data from APIs and want to provide the fastest experience to all users :slight_smile:


Just wanted to note that performance is still pretty bad…

Average load time is 4s-6s with no faster than 3s on my desktop. Google recommends that page load times be under 2s and personal goal of 0.5s, and this is nowhere close to that.

I tried profiling network times in edge, but my inspector keeps consistently freezing (but only on Scout Machine, other sites can profile just fine). It looks like it takes about 30s for the application to completely “load”, but synchronous rendering completes around ~4-5s.


Of the profiling I did do, a good chunk is rendering, another good junk is loading what I presume being the react initializer.

At the absolute bare minimum, there should be a loading indicator of some sort for any operation that is not nearly instanteous. It’s incredibly frustrating to click on one of the URL headers, not realize it’s loading, and then click on it again to restart the loading process.


  • Clean Microsoft Edge with Ublock Origin (no other extensions)
  • See attached dxdiag below:



Do you think the performance is hindered by the tech stack or simply, the code efficiency to project size ratio isnt great enough?

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Biggest thing is likely code efficiency, nextJS & Prisma db are plenty fast and most pages are statically generated, there’s just a lot of inefficiency in code involving processing massive amounts of unneeded data.


Is the site being built in dev mode or prod mode? Could that be affecting performance?


It’s being built in prod mode

Built another one of the ideas you had! Thoughts? (This is sample data that I used, so it won’t be correct since both of these are the teams’ last matches not upcoming)