[Renamed] Who’s in for 2021?

After the initial gut reaction to a $2000 fee and no promise of in-person competition. I had to admit two things to myself.

  1. We are going to participate. This is just too important for our seniors, and honestly fundraising/grants will likely be easier if we are an active team.
  2. If we are diving in, we might as well be as gung-ho and optimistic as ever.

Understanding that everybody’s situation is different, I wanted to start a thread for teams to unabashedly proclaim “I’m in!” Give us a reason, give us a gif, let the rest of the teams know you’re going to do this to the best of your ability. No negativity, even if it is based in facts. No "maybe"s.

I’ll start…
7457 IS IN!!!
im in


One more reason to love 7457




Barring catastrophe, 1293 is in. The district is supporting us as usual, we’ve gone from one regularly-appearing teacher to three (plus a disaster spare), and our returning kids seem to be warming to the opportunities of this season.


We didn’t compete for 19 years just to miss our 20th anniversary :sunglasses:. With the support of our school and sponsors, we are ready to face whatever the 2021 season throws at us.


FTC 17012 is in! Ultimate Goal, here we come!

   Content will cover everything from adorable animals, zany sports mishaps and amusing television/film moments to the surreal, the absurd and the downright beautiful. Of course, I can also promise a rollicking good time, so check back...


1720 is in!


841 is in. We’re channeling savings from last year’s cancelled event into reregistration, and using this year’s fundraising to bring up distance learning kits that should pay dividends for years to come.

Not sure how much we’ll be able to meet and improve this year’s robot, will have to “roll with the punches”. I’m lucky to have a young team this cycle, so the majority of students are likely to eventually have a normal competition year…


No team decision yet, but we’re probably in. We’ll end up making more money from a grant that requires us to be a registered FRC team than what we’ll spend on the season.



4112 is in!

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2586 is very down to send it! No way we weren’t going to.



857 plans to stick around (certainly helps now that we have some clarity from FIRST, and FIM is still hoping to get some robot play to happen, and the state grants should still be happening).


2021 will be a season of adaptation. It is pretty clear that the Robot Game part of FRC will require the greatest adaptations. Ironically, competing for the top prize, The Chairman’s Award, will require much less adaptation.

The Chairman’s Award recognizes the efforts teams make to fulfill the core purpose of FIRST; to change culture with respect to STEM fields. It should still be possible to work towards that purpose in the current environment. If anything, teams might actually have more time to put towards this if they don’t need to or cannot put as much time and effort into designing and building a robot for the 2021 competition season. Of course, it will require a lot of thought and creativity due to our new and very challenging environment. This community has a lot of very smart, very creative and hard working people so it should be possible for solutions to be found and for those solutions to shared and spread and to be refined just like solutions to the Robot Game in the past (i.e. the Small Wheel Shooter concept in 2013 and the “bounce off a robot pass” in 2014). What it takes is to adopt a positive attitude such as what @suPURDUEperMentor and others in this thread are expressing.

It is perfectly understandable if there are people who are not ready to “drink the Kool-Aid” at this time. A lot of the anger and frustration is due to the grieving process we are having to go through because of all the things (opportunities) we have lost, whether they are related to FIRST or not. Since the 2021 season has been extended, there is time for more people to complete their grieving process and join in and as that happens, I am hopeful that we will see some remarkable results from this next season. They just might not be the sort of results most people are accustomed to working towards.

Edited to add: I am currently watching the Farm Aid 2020 Live stream. One of the farmers came on and said something like “It’s time to stop finding who to blame. It’s time to see who is going to show up to help fix it.”


Restricted grants make it an easy choice. 1712 is in for whatever 2021 brings.


Team 1989 is going to do its best to make it. Official line from the district according to the paper is “Robotics is allowed to continue to exist if they can find a way to do it on their own” Which is nothing new It has been like this since day 1 even though for the last couple of years we did not have to reemburse the district for the use of a school bus - so things were better. As for teachers - who knows right now there are covid issues all over the place and that is up in the air and so are any and all stipends as the district lost 12 million in state aid and the $$ got to come from somewhere. Right now there are no afterschool activities except sports - got to have football and cheer and band - that is a must no matter what. So right now we just finished a video to maybe attract some sponsors through the ERRF (Eastcoast Rip Rap Festival) If nothing else we show off our 3D Printing skills. So currently its me and the kids and that isn’t new either as it has happened before - just with different kids. So don’t be surprised if we show up - we definitely intend to.

coffee or kool-aid…





1533 is all in!