Rendering in Maya

Hey, we’ve been trying to figure out how to render/export our animation as a movie file.

So far all we have figured out is how to export each individual frame, but I really don’t believe that it’s not possible to export as a .mov or whatever file type we needed…

Any advice? We’ve been looking for tutorials but haven’t really found anything useful.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

If you are on a Mac, try Graphic Converter - you can batch all the still frames into a .mov. You can also add a sound file. However, it is not a video editor, just a converter. I ended up taking all our 3dsMax tifs and pngs, into Graphic Converter to get movies (keep quality high and compression low). Then into iMovie to get the size down to 50 MB - which was a lot of trial and error.
Constrain bitrate, (kbyte/sec) not the quality slider.

Can you make it do it automatically instead of having to use an external program to compile it?