Rent your Totes

We found a local franchise of BungoBox. They carried the same exact tote except in black. The prices on the website are a bit higher but we were able to negotiate with the local shop. So for near $5 a week, we’ll have 10 totes for the first couple weeks of build. We can expand to more when we’re ready to get on the practice field.

Definitely a better option than purchasing a few dozen totes.


Those are the same totes as the game pieces?

Yeah here are some photos I took of them. You can see in the last post, its the same model number. The bottom and top are the same patter and the tie hole is in the same spot.


I can say from experience that the old KOP totes are not exactly the same as the game tote this year. We had this problem during Ri3D as we designed our gripper for the game piece, but it didn’t necessarily work with the older totes that we had laying around. Be careful how you design if you decide to rent totes that aren’t the exact object.

  • Andrew

The edges and the shell looks different, but for the most part the dimensions on their site fit. Disclaimer: I have had no interaction with those totes.

Andrew, we agree. Which is why we got 2 from the vendor first and took them to our shop. Couldn’t find anything different in them (outside color). Though the vendor does carry different models, so you do have to be careful which ones you get.

I’ll do some side by side photos tonite, and can ask some students to do some detailed measurements of the various edges. I’ll report out more tomorrow.