Repairing Talon Motor Controllers

We have a drawer in our electronics bin that has 8 broken Talon motor controllers sitting in it. I’v opened them up to find issues only to discover no visible burn marks on the PCB and that the capacitor (which I expected to be the issue) was totally ok.

Could this be a failure of an onboard component we cannot replace and does anyone else have a similar issue? Just want to see if there is any hope for these parts.

Exact part:

How are they “dead”?
Is the status LED red when connected to power and CAN?

You could try a firmware update/recovery since it’s likely a firmware issue.

It’s also worth noting that any of these that you opened cannot/shouldn’t be used in competition (modifying electronics)

Two do not power on, the rest are red when fully wired up.

Go through the troubleshooting steps listed here:

(At the bottom)
It should tell you what kind of state it’s in, and whether it needs to go to CTRE or not.

If you open the controllers, do they power up with the case removed? We had a few (not recently) that had issues with the wiring contacting the case or for PWM/CAN wiring to be crimped together. A little TLC correcting the issues and then reassembling brought them back to life.
However, not all electronic failures will show up as scorch marks. The CPU could be dead and never show any outward signs.

To add to this, CTRE/VEX has great customer support and are usually interested in getting defective units sent back to them so they can evaluate the failure (and they’ve been known to provide replacements too). It might be worth calling/emailing their support.