Repeating Topics

I’m noticing alot of threads that are cluttering up the portal that have otehr threads that are about the same exact thing. For example what is the difference between this thread and this thread or this thread vs. this thread?.
I mean seriously do we really need 500 thread about mini bot design?
I know we are in Excitement Overload about the new game but let’s slow down for a minute, please. Just because you think your idea is awesome doesn’t mean you have to make a thread for every idea you have when there’s already a thread to put your idea in. Someone will notice it if it’s good.
Please search before you post.
Thank you.


It really makes it hard to follow stuff on Chief. Sometimes I’ll see something I like about say arm mechanisms, but there will be five threads on it. When I come back to find it to show someone, I have to dig through those five threads to find it.