Replace the power wire in the talon srx

we have a talon SRX that has very short power cable (somebody cut it very short) except of connecting to it an extension cable , is there a way to replace the wire?
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Somewhat off-topic, but it might serve a teaching purpose for other teams: why did somebody cut it very short? And what (if any) process changes has your team implemented as a result?

Take note of the 2016 rule:

R66 The Driver Station software, roboRIO, Power Distribution Panel, Pneumatics Control Modules, Voltage Regulator Modules, RSL, 120A breaker, motor controllers, relay modules, Wireless Bridge, and batteries shall not be tampered with, modified, or adjusted in any way (tampering includes drilling, cutting, machining, rewiring, disassembling, etc.), with the following exceptions:
M.Devices may be repaired, provided the performance and specifications of the device after the repair are identical to those before the repair

That said, if you open up your Talon, you’ll see where the wires get soldered onto the board, and it should be possible, in theory, to de-solder one and solder on another.

If you have the proper wire, it’s easy to do a replacement. We had to resolder one of the motor output wires on the Victor SP we got for early testing, and a Talon SRX is essentially the same.

It’s not exactly trivial to replace the wire; you need an appropriately hot soldering iron (or gun), and you need to have good soldering technique to do it well.


But as Alan said, it is possible but you should take PAINS to ensure this never happens again. Pains I say.

Maybe contact VEX/CTRE and see if they’re willing to replace the leads for you?