Replacement Classmates

Hello everyone!

My name is John Tucker, and I work for 2goPC. We supply the classmate PCs.

I want to let you know, I signed on the forums to offer my help where I can. Spare parts, new classmates, questions. I can help.

I know there have been questions about if you need new classmates. Please know this - FIRST Teams do NOT Pay retail. I have worked to get first teams a $150 off on replacement units, and a discount on parts as well. Most commonly needed parts are AC Adapters and Batteries.

If you need the coupon code, email or PM me (Admins if you allow me, I will post it here.)

Most importantly, I want you to know that CTL/2goPC is here to support FRC teams.

Thank you and have a great day!


We are missing our AC adapter/power cord. Our team is in Anchorage AK. Is there a universal ac adapter/power cord we could buy and a place like best buy or radio shack that could act as a sub until our order is placed on line for one? Please let us know.

Radio Shack has This universal netbook power adaptor would work if it has the correct tip.
It does come with 5 adaptor tips, but doesn’t say which ones.

does anyone have the FIRST team discount code required for the 2goPC classmate? I have tried PMing the representative that started this thread but have not heard back. Please post here or PM me.


See the 2012 where to get more document.

Joe, I looked there… in fact that is where I found the link to the CTL Corp website and found the classmate product order page. However, it states in the product description:

******NOTE: Verified FIRST teams receive special discount pricing on this unit with a coupon code. If you do not have your coupon code, please contact [email protected] prior to purchase and provide your FIRST team number. We will verify team membership and send you the coupon code shortly afterwards.

******We have sent an email to that address above, but have not heard back from them (in fact I just sent another email just now). I don’t see any code in the Where To Go document… am I missing something???


We have sent an email to that address above, but have not heard back from them (in fact I just sent another email just now). I don’t see any code in the Where To Go document… am I missing something???

Sorry, you had only mentioned PMing the representative here on chiefdelphi, so I didn’t know that you had already looked at the website. Hope they respond to you quickly. There were additional phone numbers and email addresses on the landing page that you could try also.

No worries… actually I was hoping that I had missed something in that document. :slight_smile:

3929’s Classmate actually came with a dead battery. :confused:

I will have the lead mentor send you a PM.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you for coming over to Chief Delphi. We just ordered one from you. Do you do repairs of the Classmate as well?

FYI everyone this thread was originally started last year. There might not be any response.

Hello John,
We have a classmate that needs to be replaced. After reading your post, we were wondering if you could help us with this problem. Can you help us get a coupon for a new one? Please let us know in a couple of days, if it’s possible.

Thank you

Backwoods Engineers

Just wanted to let everyone know that we were able to get that discount code from a fellow ChiefDelphi member… and we were able to successfully purchase a replacement classmate using that code. :smiley:

It is disappointing that we did not receive a response from the CTL Corp email address listed on their website in relation to getting that code… nor did we get one from the originator of this thread. :frowning:

I just ordered one and obtained the coupon code by calling the ctlcorp customer support number at 1-800-642-3087.

I am from Israel,
Last august Some (nice) people brick in our Robotic laboratory and stole our classmate and made a lot of damages, cut many wires.
Is there any way that we can have a classmate.