Replacement Drill Motors

After participating in the Southern California Scrimmage, we decided to tweak our autonomous program before shipping the robot. While we were doing so, we noticed a horrible grinding noise coming from the drive train. Upon investigation, it turned out one of the drill motors we used had destroyed itself. The little plastic clip that everyone has complained about had broken, and though we had tried to keep it in place, our restraints only half worked. The metal bar that acts as a brush had slipped and had worked its way down so that it destroyed the plastic internal fan in the drill motor. We ended up shipping a robot with one dead motor.

I have tried to order a replacement, but every place I have contacted is out of stock and the motors are back ordered with Bosch. Does anyone know of a source for this year’s drill motor, or is there a team willing to trade for or sell one of theirs?

Chris Vivo
Team Mentor
Team 974

When you get to comp just go and trade it in at the replacement table. First is more then willing to trade them, you give the old, they give the new. Jus tell them what happened to it.

Team 384
Motor Man

Andy Baker found some a while back, in this thread:

There are a few other threads with info, but this is a good start.

I checked with the sources that were listed in the other threads, but everyone I contacted said they were out of stock and had the motors backordered. I guess we will have to hope there are some available at the regional.


Chris Vivo
Team 974