Replacement for DHTML editor in version 2?


I’d appreciate people letting me know whether this works in their browser or not (and if it requires extra downloads or other such annoyances).

Supposedly it produces XHTML compliant code (which is what we are intending to implement for the next version of the software); and the price is right (free).



It tells me in FF 1.0.4 that additional plugins are required. (XHTML blar blar blar thingy)

IE 6, nothing gets reported, but the img above the “View XML for drop down” is borken.

So, by nothing gets reported (in IE 6), you mean that it’s behaving like a fancy XHTML editor properly (except for the one image being missing)?

Well, the plugin prompting thing really isn’t good; I was a bit afraid of that but was wondering what it would do and if I had an odd configuration (the demo link isn’t publicised until you install the software development package thing, which I now realise installs the plugins, too).

So, I guess that means more searching for me; unless anyone reading this by chance happsn to know of a nicely written cross-browser, free, XHTML editing WYISWYG.

Thanks for taking a look Ryan.

Um… I don’t know. Can’t seem to find the reported “underline” thing in the non-existent “styles” menu. :frowning: Oh well.

Maybe I’ll work on one just for fun, now that I’m “done” with the FIRST Contact Database. (Nothing like free publicity without a thread bump. :D)

Just in case anyone’s finding this thread later and looking for a DHTML editor of some kind; I found a neat listing of them at

Edit: My current favourite, after looking at the list is: