Replacement for Rev FTC Driver Hub Battery

Along with everything else “Supply Chain Issues”, currently Rev is out of stock on the Driver Hub Battery.
Are there any alternatives or substitue batteries that work?
I have fould several listed that are the exact same, including the manfacturer’s part number. 1ICP5/54/73-2 The battery specs are identicle, EXCEPT… There are 3 power terminals on the Rev batteries, and four smaller terminals on everything else found on line.

Your supply problem might be solved shortly. There’s another thread about REV products where they were tracking the cargo ship that’s bringing a bunch of new stock in as it entered port. I believe they were expecting to be restocked in a about a week once the ship is unloaded (or something like that).

I don’t know a replacement for this but I do know you can control the hub with any android phone; this is what we did last year and it worked fine.

We used a USB battery to power the hub - just an Anker off of Amazon.

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