Replacement for Vex treads

Hello Everyone,

This year, with team 610, we are using vex treads on our manipulator.
However the problem is that sometimes when we handle the tubes, the tread breaks.

I was just inquiring if any of you know a company that sells solid / sturdy tread (with links) made from plastic or metal?

Thank you all very much.


Try using 35-pitch roller chain attachment links to make your own “tank tread”, much like this:

How does the tread break and where?

The load strength of the link is over 30 pounds if I remember correctly. Maybe there is too much tension (!) in your system.

Thank you both very much for your ideas and input.
Good luck at the competitions!

In addition, check to make sure your gears or drive sprockets do not have excessive runout. That can cause excessive tightening of the chain or belt which might not be obvious unless you run the drive manually and check tension periodically as you do this.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: