Replacement Labview discs

this deals with a KOP Item, so i think this is the correct forum.

My team seems to have lost our 2011 Labview DVD. We haven’t had a lot of luck in the search.

All I have seen in other forums is the suggestion to borrow one from a local team. Our only problem is that the only local team stopped communicating with my team a year or so ago and attempts to contact them since have been futile.

Any suggestions on how to get a replacement disc or the contents of such?

You could contact FIRST and ask them for a replacement disc. They might send you a new one if you tell them your first one has gone MIA.

Expand your definition of “local” and you’ll find plenty of Indianapolis area teams who might be able to help you.

I defined it as within the louisville area.

I know about Indy… that was my next place to look for help (Lafayette as well- I have former teamates and mentors up there).

As soon as we got ours, we made about 10 copies. Is it possible to get labview for other operating systems as well?

Long Answer: You can get LabVIEW for Windows, OSX, or Linux. However, FIRST’s version of LabVIEW (including WPILib and whatever changes they make to the program) are Windows-only. With a little work, you could probably get OSX/Linux LabVIEW to work with FRC robots (installing libraries and making the necessary modifications, whatever they may be), but that would be a lot of work, and I don’t know how that would work out, not having tried it.

Short Answer: Yes, but not FIRST only supports LabVIEW for Windows

But can I get it for free :wink:

nope. there are no mac/linux drivers for the cRIO. you could edit the code but deployment would be out of the question.

anyway, I requested a new disc from first, which worked.

The disc came in this week, I got a hold of it today.

good news: I can get my laptop on labview for tomorrow’s training

bad news: NI’s site is down this weekend and I do not have the downloadable files on hand (drivers station, FRC update).

anybody happen to have the files on archive somewhere? I would like to get this working for tomorrow afternoon.

Most, if not all, of the updates should be found here under the “Systems” folder. If it’s missing some, let me know and I’ll see if I can hunt them down for you.

too late. the NI site is up again.

I wonder if the disc they sent is some beta… I noticed there were some new features that I did not remember existing… like activex/.net front panel blocks. I installed the utilities update, the labview update, and the driver station update. Also, the team laptops and my old laptop ran xp, while my new one runs vista (32 bit, home premium) and I plan to upgrade it to 7 pro 64 bit.

I also made 3 spares of the disc (and the next time I have the disc, I will make a .iso). I printed labels with the serial no. that i put on the disc sleeves… the idea will be to loan out the spares for when members want labview on their personal laptop (this recent install is my 2nd laptop to get it) and keep the master locked away in the back of the filing cabinet, only used if a copy goes MIA or is destroyed (and the .iso is not in a usable location).