Replay (ironic game naming)

The ironic naming continues. We have infinite recharge, with the replay and no bag making it feel “infinite”. Game changers for the new season, despite us not changing the game, and now we have the new FLL game: “Replay” despite the fact that it is not in fact, a replay, but a new game.
I love the marketing for these game names.


Infinite recharge isn’t really ironic, it fits perfectly. But for some more ironic ones:

Steam works: No steam powered robots allowed

Stronghold: the defenses did not have a “strong hold” on the field and could be swapped out

Recycle rush: you aren’t allowed to recycle mechanisms and the teams who were great at the game probably didn’t use too many recycled parts

Aerial Assist: one of the few games in recent memory where the robot did not go aerial


If I remember correctly Ariel Assist was suppose to have an end game of climbing the truss. But FIRST couldn’t find a supplier that would guarantee the same shapes and form of the truss so they scrapped the end game last minute. (Also why no more dozer as the original animation person/company had to remake the animation without it and wouldn’t work with FIRST again, if I’m not mistaken)

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You’re mistaken, at least partially. Said person was giving a speech at Houston in 2017. Not sure about the remaking part, though.


Dozer was in the 2014 game animation. 2015 was when Dave Lavery stopped doing the game animations, and as far as I know there wasn’t much of a falling out.


Good to know

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