Replays at SMR

This weekend, my team, FIRST Team 1466 Webb Robotics, competed in our only event, the Smoky Mountains Regional, in our hometown of Knoxville. We had an amazing time and would like to thank both 3824, HVA Rohawktics and 2393 The Robochauns for selecting us in the alliance process. We did have a strange occurrence though as our team ended up competing in 4 replay matches today (Saturday). Every replay match of the regional, we were in, and after playing 5 matches without our robot leaving the queue or field. Then after selections and lunch, we played another 4 without leaving the field with our robot left motionless for most of the last two matches after losing communication midway through. We have no idea why any of this happened but we certainly apologize to our alliance partners for being unable to move. All of the volunteers at this event were excellent and I had a fantastic for my last regional. Thanks everyone!!!

As the 1466 human player, I was also surprised at the number of replays we had, but would like to thank the refs and volunteers for patiently explaining everything to us and running a good event despite the difficulties throughout. Also thank you to 2393 for picking us, and I wish we could have been of more help to you guys.

Wow, I had no idea that there were that many replays at all, let alone a single team in particular having to go through them. Could you be more specific in the causes of the replays? I know the field communications was particularly bad. When I spoke to field control about it, they gave me a little note authorizing me to do some illegal wifi sniffing, and I know that I had to ask at least 15 or 20 people to disable their wifi.

The two replays of Q73 were because the pedestal took over 15 seconds to light, and we couldn’t start cycling immediately. The Q83 replay was because the emcee left the flag out on the field, “which blocked the red alliance low goal” (I’m quoting their explanation). The 1.3 replay in elims was because the refs counted a low goal when 2393’s truss shot bounced into the low goal. Since scoring is not allowed from that half of the field, that ball should have been given to the human player from on the far side of the field and we could have had 19 additional points. (Ten from the assist, and 10 from a possible high goal shot). In all, 1466 won 4/6 games in Saturday, and 3/4 games were replayed, and we were 1/4 on replays.