Replicating the vision target?

My team has a limelight 2+, but I don’t know how to build a vision target so we can calibrate and use it. Our team has a pretty low budget so I don’t think that the mentors will be interested in purchasing the andymark or vexpro versions.
We opted for building the goal structure out of curved piping, but this isn’t a great place to mount the tape as the pipe is so small. Have any of you had any success with building your own vision targets, and if so, how?

We haven’t done it yet, but we were going to cut some cardboard and tape to our hoop and put the retroreflective tape on the hoop


We ordered and just received the Andymark Vision Ring. I was applying the vision tape to the outer ring last night. The outter ring is just 1/8" polycarbonate with 2" x 5" sections of vision tape. If you have some scrap polycarbonate laying around, it would be pretty simple to create a mockup that would fairly closely mimic the actual field element. I’m happy to pull some measurements on a flat piece as far as the spacing between each section of vision tape if that would help.

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1678 used a 1/8" thick strip of polycarbonate clear plastic to form our ring. Riveted 2 strips cut from an 8 foot long strip. Do NOT do more than one rivet at each joint until you form a full hoop! Put one rivet or bolt in one joint and then clamp the other so you have a hoop the correct size then mark it. Lay it out flat and mark out all the tape locations. Double check tape positions. Double check hoop size. Double check the spacing at the joint you have been clamping. Triple check the whole thing. NOW rivet the clamped joint once and after checking things AGAIN you may add more rivets/bolts. Then attach this hoop to whatever you are using for your Upper Hub goal hoop.

You can see how we implemented it in our 5 ball auto video


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