Repliee Q1

All I can say is “wow”

We finally have a robot that looks and interacts like a human…

Hats off to the engineers who designed that incredible piece of machinery. :slight_smile:
I would have to agree with the article in saying that it is rather, er well, creepy.

that’s just plain freaky. But 31 points of articulation? Thats REALLY High. I wonder how good she is at capping? Probably has a good autonmous mode too.

Some videos

Definetly. Although she seems a bit lacking in the drive train area… Once they get that [walking] figured out, I’ll buy one.

How much do you think they’ll be? $20 bucks at your local Meijer is my guess. :wink:

That’s freaky and cool.

Somehow, I doubt that “responds like a human” is the right phrase. I hear speech recognition tech has room to grow, and I don’t even know if recognizing gestures even exists yet.

But still very cool.

That is if Walmart doesn’t put them out of business. :cry:

that just makes me think of the evil britny spears in Austin powers creepy robots