Reply by PM button

I would like to propose a button be added to after each post that would be similar to the quote button. However, it would copy the text within the post automatically to a PM to the writer of the post.

This may seem trivial, considering the end result can currently be achieved through a bit more work. However, there have been several times I’ve read a post that I’d like to make a reply to the writer but simply haven’t because it would derail the thread.

Current available solutions:

  1. Just send a Pm without the quote and hope they know what you are talking about.
  2. Hit quote, copy the text. Hit send a PM and paste the text. Continue with message.
  3. Just don’t send the PM.

I might be missing a tool, I have been wrong before and probably will again. I just thought I’d like to either request such a thing be made easier, or if it is there…can someone show it to me?