Reprap In Progress

Hey a fellow team member and myself are working on a homebuilt, self replicating 3D printer known as a Reprap. If your interested in learning more, check out our blog. I will be keeping it up to date with the most recent occurrences in the construction and use of our printer. Pictures will be coming soon, check it out!

Here’s the link:

That’s a really good idea! On the makerbot site, it mentions an arduino (LOVE the arduino boards, soo much)… so i assume that you’ll be controlling it with that? Because if so, your coolness points just shot up (arbitrary number).

Lol, thanks. Actually, the main board is powered by a Sanguino (an upgraded version of the arduino as I understand it) but each extruder (we have 2) is controlled by it’s own arduino. So in total we have:

2x Arduino
1x Sanguino

How many coolness points is that worth? Thanks for stopping by the blog btw!