Representation of Team 1657#


“First” of all let me present my team.
we are team number 1657# from Israel.
School: mevoot-eron

I thought about solving problems together with another experienced Team at First that would like to talk about
issues of this years “aim high” challenge.

  • this is our 2’nd year at first and we still need some experience ':wink:

** any team that would like to give it a try is welcome to contact me by
E-mail at " [email protected] "

*** yes I know my e mail address is odd, it’s a long story and have it for like 4 years (sorry about that).

**** always remember TWO minds think better then one :slight_smile:

with much appreciation ;Ami

:yikes: :ahh: :yikes:

Hellow Ami,

Welcome to ChiefDelphi forums.

I am representing a team from Israel (Neat Team - #1943) too.

Feel free to surf and ask us questions via our website’s forum @

Good luck!

Obviously you know about Chief Delphi and probably the FIRST Q&A website. Maybe it would be possible for you to talk to some veteran teams in your area?

Best of luck

Hello Ami,
I send out an email newsletter to all the teams in our area each week. email me if you would like to be on it. [email protected]
We have two experienced engineering mentors who will answer any questions about the game and especially technical questions and help teams in this area. Let me know if you would like their contact information.

A list of Israeli schools that are in the competition this year has been sent to all Israeli schools via email by Mr. Eyal Hershko.

Yes but i thought about contacting a team overseas on purpose.

hope to hear from more teams


Also be sure to check out RFRC: Resources for the FIRST Robotics Community at: Unfortunately, the support for foreign languages isn’t up yet, but hopefully will be soon.

Best of luck to all teams!