Repurposing a retired robot

Hello all its been a long time since I’ve been to Chief Delphi(so long I had to create a new account)

I am trying to repurpose a retired machine and wondering if I can get some input here.

Tried doing a search but fdidnt find what I was looking for.

I’m searching for a way to use a hobby grade 8ch transmiter / receiver to control the machine. Does anyone know offhand if this should be capable? Obviously if I have more than 8 ch to control I can’t with what I have to work with.

The more feedback the better… Thanks all in advance.

Post some pictures of the robot and the control system. If we don’t know what generation of control system it’s using it’s going to be hard to help you. Most likely it has victor speed controllers and you should be fine running a standard hobby radio.

Yes it is a 2004 system which used those speed controllers. I also believe the spike relays should work fine as well. Just wondering if anyone had done this before also

Spikes may be an issue, the victors should be fine. We have converted several of our old robots to RC radios.

The victor speed controllers should work with a transmitter/receiver, but the spikes won’t work with R/c radios.

You may want to look at one of the arduino solutions, and wifi. AndyMark and team 221 have systems available.

Vex controllers would also be a good choice, they have digital IO.