Reputation Dots Enhancements

is my opinion, but I’ve heard a lot of suggestions on making more dots, changing the values, etc.

What about this hack:

This hack extends the existing reputation display system from just the light/dark green dots to green and golden dots, and then golden stars as the dots limit is reached.

The dark green dots are followed by light green dots, which are then followed by ‘golden’ dots. When the limit these can display is reached, the display is prefixed by a golden Star, and started again. If your reputation is zero then the neutral grey pip is displayed. Negative reputations are displayed in a similar manner using light and dark red dots and stars.



The idea sounds good… can’t see those images. Will the points be reset?

I’ve attached the images.

And, we’ll keep the points the same as they are now.

This is a very simple hack to install, so after a week of it, we can take it out just as easily if it is something we grow to dislike.

Im game, looks like fun

ears perk up
stars? :slight_smile:

I’d say go for it. It doesn’t do anything except increase the publicly-viewable detail of the data that already exists but can only currently be determined through relative means. (For example, I have just as many dots as Andy Baker. I don’t know how many points he has, and the only way I know I have less than him is through sorting the member list by reputation.)

(Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out Andy Baker has infinite rep.)

Haha, what I’d really like to see is some more phrases. Don’t really care if there are more dots or not (they’re just dots!), but I would like seeing a wider variety of the sayings when you rollover. (i.e- Andy Baker had this much rep two years ago, etc.)

Come up with some (make a new thread, get community input, etc) and I’ll implement it if they look good.

Sounds cool. Now I’ll have to get a wide screen monitor for all of Baker’s gold stars.

Doesn’t matter to me. Why give people more reason to judge or brag. My vote is leave it as it is.

I voted no, because I think the stars look pretty tacky. I like compact graphics, and those stars seem too big and cluttered.

Maybe keep the dots, but have different colored dots. Like when you have full green dots you get 1 pink dot and when you have full pink dots you get 1 blue dot and so people can still get more reputation points, and it doesn’t clutter the screen with big stars…

I agree that the stars are tacky, I am sure someone can photoshop up a smaller better looking star. But I think the idea of increasing the reputation points is great. As it stands right now there are 200+ people with full reputation bars, and when a new student comes to the site there should be a difference in reputation between the 200+ dedicated posters and Dave Lavery and Andy Baker. Maybe that means adding just those gold dots, and not the stars.

I had that problem, but then figured that graphics could easily be changed… for example, gold dots instead of stars, and then two shades of green, as before.


Are they that big? I’d think that the WAIs and avatars would still dictate the size of the postbit for anyone with their text sizes set to a reasonable level.

I’m going to say something unpopular here most likely.
Dave Lavery and Andy Baker are two of our outstanding FIRST role models and the posts that they make in CD consistently reflect why they are. I’m not so sure FIRST role models necessarily want to be set apart but rather want to be a part of their community, helping members to grow and achieve gold stars. As long as the process is attainable for any who strive, it is a good thing. If it causes separatism and elitism, perhaps not.

Agree, and also think we shoulnd’t have names in the phrases for reputation too, as it also goes into what Jane said.

As for the stars issue, how about: light green > dark green > gold/silver > plantinum/gold dots instead?

Well, actually I don’t know the exact size, but when looking at the image that was attached the star is about 3 reputation bars wide (about 24px wide), they just look big. But I like Joe’s idea too.

I voted for it, mainly because it extends the rep dots. I don’t all that care for the stars, but it would be nice to see more dots with different colors, just to mix things up a bit. But like Brandon has said, they’re just dots.

I say, do what ever is easiest for Brandon. With all he’s done for the forums, little dots and stars should be the last thing on his mind.

I think it’s a good idea. If you change the stars to something else, I say it’s great.