Reputation for pictures

I’d like to give positive reputation to everyone who shared a picture of their robot with the FIRST community, but currently I can only give it to them appropriately if they reply to a thread created to discuss the picture. Other attempts send the rep points to the CD47-Bot.

Any suggestions for fixing this? Is this something you have on your “To Do” list, Brandon?

Thanks for listening,

thats a good idea. there is a slight flaw with the way picture threads are started. my sugestion would be to have the user that uploads the pic automaticly start the thread, in his/her name.

However, there are a lot of pictures that never start discussion. I think the way it is now is less work on the server, and Brandon dosn’t have to change anything to make it work. :slight_smile:


I think it should also be regulated somehow, even though I think it’s a great idea I can see it turning into “lets post not-so-great pics of our robot up to get more reputation”.

Maybe if the robot showcase had an area for one picture for each team, and that picture gave rep as a reward…best case scenario would be the pic you gave to FIRST. But pics of mechanisms and gear boxes, though important, would not get rep.

The idea of having the uploader start the thread, rather than CD-Bot is interesting.
I’ll have to think about it a little, and see how hard it would be to change.

I’m sorry, that’s my fault for being unclear. I’d like to have the option to give rep points (positive or negative) to pictures.

Brandon, can you add the “rep +/-” button to the view picture page?

Not without a semi-large hack to the forums. I’ll have to see how hard it would be, and what it would break if I added it.

if i understand correctly, all pictures must be aproved by a moderator before there displayed. the moterator could give the uploading user reputation if it was of an apropreate picutre. as for the automatic threads, i think your right that would take a little bit more then a major php overhaul to implment. but i am not the great bradon, and i can only gape in amazment at the wonders you pull off…

Just a thought - why do you want to give reputation points to the person that happens to post a picture of a robot on CD?

Isn’t the robot the result of the efforts of the entire team? If rep points are going to be handed out to a team for sharing their efforts with the CD community, shouldn’t they go to the entire TEAM, and not just the first person to dash off a photo to the gallery?

I can actually see situations where the suggested approach will cause intra-team strife. Let’s say the team has decided that they don’t want to unveil their creation until the competition event. But one person on the team happened to miss the meeting where this decision was made, and is tempted by the potenital to pick up some extra reputation points. He posts a picture, gains rep points for the work done by the whole team, and is then lambasted by the rest of his team for the post.

I can also see situations where team members end up racing each other to post first on CD, and get thier pictures up first, to get the rep points. And since there is no penalty for crappy photographs with little or no detail, the temptation will be to post the first picutre and not necessaryily the BEST picture. The implicit message will be “photos first, quality later.” This will also have the potential for causing problems within a team.

Is this really what we want?


Those were one of my first thougths, but I dismissed it thinking teams co-ordinate between themselves well. I can think of a few solutions

  1. Some kinda bot for each team. Maybe “CD****picBOT” or something.

  2. Leave things as they are… maybe because Dave is very right. This way, nobody gets reputation points for Pictures.

  3. A team reputation point system. I.E. : Whatever reputation points are given to a person, they just add up somewhere to a total team account or something. Improvise on this idea. [Edit] This also forces mentors/other team members to behave well on CD[/Edit]

Well those are just thoughts…(Sorry if its driving you crazy Brandon)

Dave and Tekno: Did you guys read my response to Jessica earlier in this thread? My intention wasn’t for anybody to get automatic rep points just for posting pictures. I wanted users to have the option of giving rep points to pictures in general. Positive or negative points would, of course, be up to your own discretion.

I only used the example of robot pics to show the kind of pictures that I would give positive points for. I think anyone who shares pics of their robot is worthy of positive rep, so I would personally give them it. If your team member was distributing info not meant for release, you may want to give him negative rep (and discuss it further in person, no doubt ;-).

I’m just saying that we users should get the option of giving rep on pictures.

Sorry for the confusion… I’ll keep my $.02 to myself next time…

Actually, I think you were on to something. Positive/Negative Reputation options could reward a member for posting clear, detailed, appropriately-sized pictures on ChiefDelphi. This might help to sift out some of the junky, blurrym, 1600 by 1200 pictures out there that really do annoy mostly everyone. I like the idea. Just as Positive/Negative rep help control post quality, Positive/Negative rep can control gallery post quality. There’s honestly nothing to lose.

Instead of uploading pictures have a thread made in the Robot section of CD.
and put the web site of many pictures of that team robot built. This way any new team can go out and watch teams go about building a robot.

Like this

As a general idea (i.e. having the option to give rep points for good pictures), I think that is fine, and something that is definitely worth discussing. No problem there. My only concern has to do with rep points being assigned to an individual when they are posting photos of the work of the entire team. It just seems to me in those cases that the rep should be shared by all members of the team, rather than one person. I readily admit that I don’t know how this could be done under the current set up. But that is why I made the post - to discuss it and see if anyone has an answer to that particular issue.

Please DON’T!!! We want your $0.02!!! (and for that matter, if anyone can loan me $1.49 for a few donuts…) The only way to make meaningful progress is to get good ideas and implement them. One of the best ways to find the good ideas is to have everyone throw out all sorts of ideas, and then discuss them all to find the one really great one that pops out. We need all sorts of ideas posted to these forii, and we will all find a way to muddle through and sort the good ones out.

Edison was once asked “how do you come up so many good ideas?” to which he responded “for every good idea, I have 99 bad ideas first.”


This is the first I actually read this thread, and to be honest, it is not at all what I assumed it was about.

My thought on reading the title was that PICTURES would get reputations. In this way, I could get the benefit of seeing which pictures are silly and which ones are really worth looking at.

If the pictures could be sorted by reputations given to them, then I could more easily surf from home where I have to suffer with a 56K model – You have to really want to see a photo on a phone modem.

Anyway what do folks think about this possible feature?

Joe J.

Dave and me kinda understood that. Our concern is just that why one person get all the reputation? One person takes the pictures(maybe someone else posted it up), many hands went into building the actual robot(they dont get credit either). Your idea is really good though. We just need to make it a little fair for everybody…

but cheif delphi isnt about getig points for building robots… its about sharing the experence. i think that if someone went thrugh the trouble of posting a decent picture, they should get reputation points. because thats waht its about.

and about this… its a novel idea and ive seen it implemented on many sites. however i think that there is a reason you dont find it here. you cant have a rateing system based on quality of the picture. it just doesnt work. people get judgemental and start judging content. and i personaly believe that you cant tell the best robot from the worst robot by looking at a picture. or see what a team is all about. or basicly anything productive that would be worth rating.

however a LARGE | Medum | small gallery sorting wouldent be bad. or even a thumbs up/thumbs down. but i like the pictures by date on the portal, and i hope it stays that way.