how come when some one tries to give me a good or bad repuation they all come up neutral? if anyone can help me please post in here or send me a private message please and thank you

Probably because the person who gave you the reputation doesn’t have enough posts to cause a point change. Also this should have been posted in the “Forum Help” forum. ( User must have 50 posts before his reputation hits count on others.)

Anyone know what the specifics are? The FAQ doesn’t mention what the limits are, just that there are limits.

not that it matters but

There are quite a few limits in place to prevent minor abuse of the reputation system. Obviously there cannot be a flawless system, but these limits try to curb any intentional abuse. You must have 50 posts and 1 reputation point in order for your reputation to count on other people. Until you meet those requirements, your reputation will show up as grey dots (see below). Everybody is limited to giving out 47 reputations per day; you cannot give the same person reputation until you have given reputation to 10 other people. This prevents friends from giving 47 reputations to the same person every day.

To put it plain and simple the CD reputation system is similar to leaving feedback on eBay.

Instead of buyers and sellers leaving each other feedback (positive, neutral, negative) for items sold you can give reputation (positive, neutral, negative)for someone’s post. As Greg said, for the most part it works out (both here and on eBay) although it isn’t fool proof.