Request: Einstein sound

We’re working on a documentary project on the Championship, and as we’re playing back the tapes from Einstein, we’re realizing an issue: we have no sound!

Does anyone have broadcast-worthy sound from the AV panel of the closing ceremonies on Einstein?

We have sound but the picture quality is poor on our VHS tapes. Something was going on with the AV system on the field. We moved our equipment from Curie because in past years they cut the feed to the outlying fields, but it turns out that those were left on. Do you have good picture quality?

Our cameras’ picture quality is fine (well, fine for the fact that we had no light to work with). Somehow, though, we found ourselves recording next to nothing in the sound department. Live and learn, I suppose.

They did cut audio (but not video) to the other fields. I did not realize that would happen, but I had my phone number on my equipment and The A/V guy on Galileo called me and told me that if I wanted audio I had to move to Einstein.

Like Robyn, my video did not turn out well on Einstein, but my audio did. It is 128kb AAC, if you want it.

We would be glad to make a VHS copy of our Einstein tape if you would like…not sure exactly when it cut off, but we should have all the awards. I can check before we dub a copy.

I wonder if FIRST would make copies available, since anyone who plugged into Einstein got a poor recording. Couldn’t hurt to ask…