Request for 2056's handbook?

I have a weird request if anyone could help me out. I have been perusing team 2056’s handbook (2014?) to build a lesson from some of it’s contents and I manage to misplace the link I was using.

If anyone has a link to the handbook I would really appreciate it. I was previously using someone’s GoogleDrive folder with about 5 different handbooks in it so, as far as I know, 2056’s handbook is public. Unfortuantely I cannot find the thread in which the link to that folder was posted :confused:

Are you referring to this?

Ah okay, that’s why I couldn’t find it, my work is blocking that page for some reason. It just looks like an empty css template page to me. I can finagle around and download it outside the network here though, thanks!

Edit: I’ll probably delete this thread now, as the problem is solved.

I’d leave it if I were you, so the next person looking for it can easily find it.

The webpage says “404 Not Found” I’ve actually been looking for pictures and CAD Models of 2056’s robots. Any or all of them since 2008 or so. Thanks.
Here u can find different CAD designs of FRC robots. There are alot of very cool designs, but i dont see any robots from team 2056.

Cool Thanks.