Request for assistance updating VSCode WPI library Extension to 2022.4.1

I could use some assistance getting the VSCode WPI library extension to 2022.4.1.
I’m pretty experienced with the VSCode and WPI library but this one has me stumped.

When I perform the normal process: (W) command palette and requested “Check for WPI updates”, VSCode responds with “No WPILib Update found”

I decided to perform a full uninstall and install of VSCode and WPI but am not successful.
(Even re-reviewed the process listed at READ-THE-DOCS (h-t-t-ps://

  1. Delete the wpilib folder under c:\user\public

  2. Open (Double-click) WPILib_Windows64-2022.4.1.iso (Verified hash at 9f867…)

  3. Open WPILibraryInstaller.exe

  4. Select START => Everything => Install For all Users

  5. Select “Select existing VS Code zip for offline install of this computer”

  6. Select “”

  7. Select Next

  8. Install runs

  9. Start VSCode

  10. Select extensions icon on left side

  11. Enter WPI to filter extensions

  12. Observe WPI library at 2022.2

  13. Created dummy project from template

  14. Let code compile/build

  15. Checked WPI extension using icon on left side, Now at 2021.1.2

  16. Used (W) command palette and requested “Check for WPI updates”

  17. Selected online

  18. Offered 2021.3.1

  19. Code automatically rebuilt

  20. Checked WPI extension using icon on left side, Still at 2021.1.2.

Any ideas?

Mr. Dave Frederick
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Coach - CyberPatriot Team
B.S. Electrical Engineering, CISSP, CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+

2 things to double check. First you are opening 2022 vscode, and not 2021 or a system install? The easiest way to verify this is to manually navigate to c:/users/public/wpilib/2022/vscode/bin/code.exe, while making sure you have no other vs code instances open.

Also, doing a wpilib online update will not update the extension, it will only update the project. Doesn’t explain why the extension shows 2022, but 2021 projects are created. The only case I’ve ever seen that is a failed upgrade, which is kind of what is making me think the wrong copy of vscode is being opened. Installing 1.52 is pointing more to this, as iirc 1.52 is 2021s vscode version.

Thank you for your assistance.
You are correct about the version of VSCode. I have been using VSCode version 1.52.1 for the installations. Evidently, this version will not work with the current WPI Extensions. I let the WPI installation package download the VSCode and the installation worked correctly. The installation package downloaded VSCode version 1.63.2.

I recall several years ago when the WPI Installation package required a specific version of VSCode (and would not download it on it’s own).

I locked onto that version of VSCode and have been using ever since.
I will now let the Installation package pull it’s own dependencies.

Thank you again.
Chief Delphi is a great resource for answers.

Dave Frederick
Team 1895 Mentor

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