Request for FLL Volunteers for FLL National Invitational at the FRC Championships

The FIRST LEGO League National Invitational organizers would like to invite those FIRST team members with FLL experience to volunteer at the FLL Invitational in Houston on April 10-12. If you’d like to help, please register at

The organizers respect your valuable time so we are encouraging those interested to only volunteer for 4 hours (8-12 or 12-4) for the day that you select. Please make a note in the comment field for which time you would like to volunteer. Of course, if you wish to volunteer for a full day, we applaud your effort.

Also, please put your FIRST team # along with your coach’s name in the comment field (especially if you are younger than 18) so we can communicate with you at the Championships along with providing proper thanks to your team.

The FLL Invitational will be in close proximity to the FRC Championships so it should be easy to “commute” between the events.

Thank you very much for your consideration with helping the younger robotics enthusiasts. The FLL National Invitational will be a wonderful event and a great way to spread the Spirit of FIRST. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Take care,

We don’t have FLL experience, and may not be at Houston this year, but will be checking it out cuz…

Altho for a year we’ve tried to gain interest in FLL, a year long teacher/district dispute had caused all after school activities to disappear. It just recently was resolved.

Right after this past weekend winning Engineering Inspiration Award in Phoenix, our retired teacher was even more inspired, contacted 2 schools, and they WANT FLL!!!

Y’all (…just getting you ready for your trip to Houston),

Please help distribute this request for volunteers throughout your team. It can be as simple as cut-n-pasting the beginning of this thread and sending it to all of your team members via email.

FLL will have 25 teams at the National Invitational this year and we, the FIRST teams, need to provide volunteer support so the FLL organizers will feel more comfortable inviting more teams in the future thereby exposing more students to the FIRST Championships. It’s all in the spirit of our homework assignment from Dean!

Thank you for helping,

Last call for volunteers!

Thank you very much for helping and WELCOME TO HOUSTON,